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Healthwise - Home
Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions

Healthwise is Sodexo's nutrition, well-being and lifestyle philosophy. It is our commitment to promoting healthy living amongst our employees, clients and customers.

In the UK and Ireland, we provide food services to consumers in the corporate, education, healthcare, leisure and defence sectors. In fact, in a typical day, we feed more than 1% of the UK population at offices, factories, schools, hospitals and barracks.

Be part of it with Matt Dawson 

Matt Dawson is back with a range of recipes for Sodexo sites to offer customers as part of this Healthwise promotion running in sites across the UK and Ireland.  Find out more.




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Healthier Seasonal Recipes

Try a healthier seasonal dish at home

Seasonal recipes

Lifestyle and exercise

Getting the right balance is key

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