Our markets

Sodexo's commitment to health and nutrition covers all areas of our business - from employees working in corporate offices to hospital patients and school children.

Our years of experience working in a range of different markets means we are finely tuned into the nutritional, health and lifestyle needs and desires of our customers, whether they be in an office, hospital, school, barracks or even in prison.

This thorough understanding means we have been able to tailor our nutrition, well-being and lifestyle philosophy accordingly to provide for the differing needs of our customers.

For example, in a school, we encourage children to eat healthily and enjoy an active lifestyle, while providing dishes that support their growth and development.

In a hospital, we might develop a menu that is higher in fat and calories to help support the patient's recovery.

Meanwhile, in a corporate environment, we provide an extensive list of food choices - including main meals, as well as sandwiches, a salad bar and jacket potato bar - alongside menu information so that our customers can make an informed choice about what they eat.