Seasonal recipes

Each season we will feature seasonal healthier recipes which you can download and try at home.

Try Matt's fresh spring recipes below which all have a focus on reducing the levels of salt in your diet. Current recommendations suggest we should not consume more than 6g of salt per day and children even less. Find out more about salt.

The reason we add so much salt to our food is that we are so used to having it our palates expect it to be there, so if you gradually use less, in time you may not even notice it's missing.
Matt's tips for reducing salt:

  • “Taste before you shake” you may not need any added salt to your finished dish

  • Buy reduced salt and reduced sugar baked beans

  • Use less salt in cooking and opt for herbs and spices instead

  • Do not routinely place the salt cellar on your dining table

  • Replace the salted butter in recipes with unsalted butter

Spring-Warm-Lamb-Salad-1_tcm288-766459.jpg Spring-Grilled-Cod-1_tcm288-766458.jpg Spring-Roast-Chicken-Paprik_tcm288-766460.jpg

Warm Lamb Salad
Fattoush Style

Grilled Cod with Braised Peas,
Lentils and Bacon

Roast Chicken with Paprika,
Potatoes and Chorizo


Matt Dawson recipe videos

Matt Dawson has worked with a team of Sodexo's chefs and dietitians to produce delicious seasonal recipes in order to help you to be balanced. 

We will reguarly add Matt's recipe videos.  See Matt in action in our video clips below.

Be part of it teaser video


Be part of it - Reduced fat  video

Matt-Dawson-Video-Teaser   Matt-Dawson-Video-Autumn-FatReduce