Eatwell plate

The Eatwell Plate provides a visual image of how much of your diet should come from each of the different food groups in order to achieve a healthy and balanced diet. It applies to everyone over 2 years of age however it may not apply to people who have special dietary needs due to certain medical conditions. At Sodexo, we have adopted this model to reinforce our Healthwise message.


All of our dishes are verified by our nutrition and dietetics team to make sure we meet and often exceed nutritional standards set by the Children's Food Trust. Ultimately, we aim to provide children with a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal at lunchtime.

Our commitment to healthy eating in schools speaks for itself. But if proof of that commitment was needed, we won the 2010 Healthy Schools' Caterer Award for secondary schools.

And our commitment doesn't stop at catering. For example:

  • In 2008 and 2009 we ran cookery workshops at 60 primary and preparatory schools in support the Year of Food and Farming, teaching children about bread, where it comes from and its nutritional benefits as part of a balanced diet

  • We have produced a Facts and Fun booklet to help educate children about food groups, giving them a food diary to fill in, a healthy pizza recipe and information about wheat products

  • We have created a Funky Food game which includes 32 food fact cards to help children learn about the origin of different foods and their nutritional benefit

  • We have developed an initiative called The Story Kitchen, which uses five well-known children's stories with a cookery theme as a starting point from which to talk about different food groups and ingredients in a fun and informative way

These commitments are reflected by the food offers we develop for the education market. Click on the arrows below to expand details of our food offers within specific areas of the education market.


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